The organization of  Greek Taste Beyond Borders® GTBB certified-awarded the company  TRIPODAKIS WINERY & VINEGAR PRODUCTION with the quality mark AUTHENTIC TASTE OF GREECE – GOLD AWARD 2021 for its exceptional quality products and its contribution to the preservation of  authentic Greek taste, Greek tradition and sustainable local flavors.

GTBB organization is dominating in the promotion of Greek taste & gastronomy throughout the world, utilizing modern branding methods and the most effective business networking platform for Greece and its global representation. The prestigious awards mentioned as “top honors” by GTBB have a significant role and are presented exclusively to premium Greek brands for their excellent quality standards and conformity to core values.

The process of the certification was implemented under the GTBB Prototype which adopts a protocol number policy and a modernized evaluation method, associated to high value standards of quality and taste.

GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB has announced its annual global conference in Athens, Greece (Summer 2021) under the Auspices of Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Ministry of Tourism, GNTO & City of Athens where “TRIPODAKIS WINERY & VINEGAR PRODUCTION” and all certified brands shall gather in this promising global event.

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