Natural Sweet Wine PDO

Natural Sweet Wine | Mavrodaphne PDO

Protected Name of Origin of Patras. Sweet taste with discreet acidity that highlights the aromatic intensity of a bouquet of caramelized fruit, chocolate and coffee. Aftertaste of long aromatic duration. Served at 16 – 18oC. Alcoholic Title: 15.0% vol

Food pairing

Ideal as an aperitif, with nuts and dried fruits. It accompanies yellow cheeses, sweet ice creams and even chocolate.

The vineyards of the Mavrodaphne zone of Patras are located in the northern and central part of Achaia. The production does not exceed 1200 kg / acre. The sweet wine produced is enhanced by the addition of wine alcohol. It must be aged for one year in oak barrels up to 1000lt.
Selection from cooperating wineries, in the production zone of Mavrodaphne, Patras.
Glass Bottle 0.375lt Carton 20 bottles, Glass Bottle 0.75lt Carton 12 bottles