The range of products we make, includes many types of wine, traditional and balsamic vinegar, and varieties made of fresh fruits as well, lemon-based condiments, tsipouro and natural sweeteners such as grape molasses and confectionery syrup.


Οur Production

Carefully selecting the best grape varieties from all over Greece, we produce, standardize, bottle and distribute a wide range of wines, like white, rose, red, semi-sweet and recognized P.G.I and P.D.O.

We have developed one of the largest vinegar production plants in Greece and we have a wide range of products, both red and white vinegar and all types of vinegar, such as vinegar from grapes/wine, balsamic vinegar, apple vinegar and vinegar from other fruits like plum and pomegranate.

Furthermore, we have expanded the range of our products with new products and sweeteners including grape molasses, confectionery syrup, concentrated grape must and concentrated raisin syrup.

Our products are exported to USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our production can cover all the needs of packaging, both small and large, from 330ml bottles to 5lt bottles, as well as sale in bulk (barrels, IBC and tanks).

Annual production capacity of wine is 7,000 tons, the vinegar production unit exceeds 15,000 tons, for sweeteners and lemon condiments it is 2,000 tons while for distillates it exceeds 1,000 tons per year.