To spitiko

Red Dry Wine

Red Dry Wine | Agiorgitiko P.G.I. 100%

Velvety and full of flavor with aromas of forest fruits. Distinctive presence of tannins and moderate aftertaste. Recommended serving temperature 16-18oC. Alcoholic Title: 12,5% vol

Food pairing

It pairs with red meats of Mediterranean cuisine, fatty and smoked cheeses.

The versatile, emblematic variety of the Greek vineyard, Agiorgitiko, is the most important in the Peloponnese.
The harvest of the selected vineyards of the zone, ranging from 300m altitude to the 850 m Nemea plateau, is determined after sampling on the optimal ripening date. The heterogeneity of the area in terms of altitude, microclimate and diverse soil composition has the potential to produce wines with a variety of characteristics. We take advantage of this unique trait to produce different types of wines.
Classic red vinification in modern stainless steel winemaking equipment at oC. Pneumatic pressure of grape pulp and completion of fermentation in stainless steel tanks.
PET Bottle Spitiko 1,5lt
Carton 12 bottles