The distillery unit produces the exceptional Greek product ‘’Tsipouro-alliotiko’’, closely guarding centuries-old secrets.


Our Distillery

Our distillery produces the excellent Greek product called “Tsipouro”, enclosing the secrets of centuries. Our ability for full quality control of the raw material, due to the selection and vinification in our winery facilities, the valuable knowledge of the art of distillation in combination with the traditional copper amulets are the weapons of our success. The high quality is based on the reverent observance of the traditions and the old distillation techniques with passion and love for perfection.

Location :

Headquarters in Mandra, Attica

Annual Production Capacity:

Over 1.000.000 lt

Production facilities:

• Traditional Distillery
• 2 Bottling lines
• Fully equipped Laboratory
• Warehouses for finished products, modern LOGISTICS

Products :

• Tsipouro
• Rakomelo

Work Description

Project Title:

Development of a holistic methodology to verify authenticity, to improve the quality of traditional products to protect consumers from fraud or counterfeiting




6/16/2020 to 6/15/2023


this project aims at the development of innovative methods of reliable determination of authenticity/falsification of wine products (wine, wine vinegar, organic vinegar, petimezi..) and spirits (tsipouro) By producing improved wine spirits and wine derivatives, highly added value, the consumer is given the opportunity to feel secure about the quality of the product and the features that come with it. In particular, the expected results concern:
1. New Improved products, of certified origin and quality.
2. Bank of selected Samples of Greek wine spirits and products.
3. Isotopic and spectroscopic data base consisting of a number of parameters and metabolic indicators of Greek tsipouros and oxos.
4. Integrated control method.
5. Adoption of new, competitive methods by the State to verify the authenticity of food.
6. Growth of the economy by the suppression of middle trade.
7. Dissemination of results.