Semi-sweet Red Wine

Semi-sweet Red Wine | Agiorgitiko, Muscat

Velvety and full-bodied taste, intense aromatic character of fruits and spices. Fineness wine that aspires to win you over.

Food pairing

Enjoy it not only with your food but also as an aperitif at 16 – 18oC.

Selected vineyards, where after years of collaboration, we have full control of the vineyard according to variety, age and its location. The result of this collaboration is harvesting on the right ripening date of the grapes.
Classic red vinification in modern stainless steel winemaking equipment at 28-30 oC. Pneumatic pressure of grape pulp with completion of fermentation in stainless steel tanks and sweetening with concentrated grape must of our own production, in strictly controlled conditions, low heating under vacuum and recovery of aromas.
PET bottle 1lt – Carton 12 bottles . ALCOHOLIC TITLE: 12% vol