Retsina White Wine

Retsina White Wine | Roditis-Savvatiano

Food pairing

It pairs with grilled, fried and skewered meats, oily food, shrimp, anchovies & the richest dishes of traditional Greek cuisine.

Selected vineyards, where after years of collaboration, we have full control of the vineyard according to variety, age and its location. The result of this collaboration is harvesting on the right ripening date of the grapes.
Lightweight pneumatic pressure and controlled fermentation in stainless steel refrigerated tanks, with the addition of a small amount of pine resin during fermentation, resulting in the characteristic retsina flavor, while at the same time allowing the fruity aromas of the varieties to stand out.
PET bottle 0,5lt – Carton 20 bottles, PET bottle 1,5lt – Carton 12 bottles, PET bottle 3lt – Carton 6 bottles, PET bottle 5lt – Carton 4 bottles, Bag In Box 5lt – Carton 4 BiB, Bag In Box 10lt, Bag In Box 20lt, Bag In Box 28lt