Selecting the best grape varieties from all over Greece, we produce,
standardize, bottle and distribute an expanded variety of wines


Our Vinification Procedure

We select the vineyards with strict criteria and maintain close cooperation between the producers and the scientific staff of our company, throughout the year, thus ensuring excellent quality.

We use both native and foreign grape varieties, with the following main ones:
• Savvatiano
• Roditis
• Moschato Riou
• Moschato Hamburg
• Moschofilero
• Assyrtiko
• Agiorgitiko
• Syrah
• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Grenache
• Mavrodaphne

Winemaking is done with modern methods, in strictly controlled conditions.

Location of wineries:

Headquarters in Mandra, Attica
Branch 1: Magoula, Attica
Branch 2: Thiva-Voiotia

Annual Production Capacity: over 8.000.000 lt

Scientific staff: The company is staffed by experienced scientists of various specialties (oenologists, agronomists, chemists) who cover the entire range of controls, from the vineyard to the bottling of wine.

Production facilities: 

• Modern winemaking equipment, pneumatic presses, automatic tangential microfiltering, refrigeration units
• 5 Bottling Units
• Fully equipped Oenological Laboratories
• Warehouses for finished products, modern LOGISTICS


• White wine PDO
• White wine PGI
• Red wine PGI
• Mavrodaphne PDO Natural Sweet Wine
• Retsina white wine
• White wine
• Rose wine
• Red wine
• Semi-sweet wine