Grape molasses

Grape molasses

Natural condensation under vacuum, at a maximum temperature of 45oC, from 100% Greek grapes, hence it concentrates most of the nutrients contained in the grapes. Reddish color. Thick liquid with a sweet taste and aroma of grapes.

Food pairing

It is used in cooking, in salads, as a syrup in homemade pancakes, in drinks, yogurt and finally in confectionery as a sweetener but also for the preparation of mustard cookies.

It is consumed as it is, in small “morning shots” for immediate energy empowerment.

Packages: 5.5 kg – Carton 4 pieces, 13kg, 24kg.
ENERGY: 1275kJ / 300kcal
FAT:: <0,1g
Of which saturates: <0,1g
Carbohydrate: 73,5g
Of which sugars: 65,0g
Protein: <0,7g
Salt: 0,01g