White Dry Wine

White Dry Wine | MOSCHOFILERO P.D.O. 100%

Protected Designation of Origin Mantineia. From the famous Mantineia of the Peloponnese, Fina fresh aromas of rose and lemon blossom and a pleasant aftertaste. Recommended serving temperature 8-10 oC. Alcoholic Title: 12.0% vol

Food pairing

It pairs harmoniously with seafood, white meats, fruits and soft cheeses.

Moschofilero from the vineyards of Mantineia northeast of Tripoli at an altitude of more than 650m. The lands are poor but well drained. The climate is cold in winter, with a lot of rain in summer and low temperatures. These unique traits of the ecosystem contribute to the slow ripening of the grapes and the production of wines with complex, intense and characteristic aromas with pleasant acidity.
Selection from collaborating wineries, in the production zone of Mantineia.
Glass Bottle 0.75lt
Carton 6 bottles